Your very own session in the comfort of your own home! Lets capture those beautiful moments that you will cherish forever. Not just the smiles but the laughter, the tickle fights, the calm cuddles and the kitchen dance parties. These are the moments that go by in the blink of an eye.

My goal is to not only capture your portraits and life but to create a work of art for your memories!

(Discounts are offered when capturing both a Maternity & Newborn Session)

Sammi xoxo



“I will forever be grateful for the day I reached out to Sammi. Time with my new baby girl was just flying by right before me and after she was a couple weeks old I just knew I needed someone to capture all the tiny sweetness in better quality than what I was getting on my phone before it was gone. Sammi did just that and so much more. “

-Alissa Benway-

“Our experience with Sammi was amazing! We are beyond grateful for her patience and flexibility during our newborn photoshoot! Sammi understood the importance of capturing our fresh baby. She contributed to a warm and comfortable environment and captured our favorite pictures of our daughter that will be cherished forever!”
-Ashley Canney-


“Sammi the pictures are


Thank you one million times over!!!”

-Marie Hurley-


Sessions include up to one hour of Maternity Photography in your home. The perfect window to capture a Maternity Portrait is between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy.  Family Newborn sessions include up to two hours (depending on baby) in the comfort of your home. Newborns are best photographed at their tiniest and sleepiest moments! This is before the two week mark! Portraits may be of just the mama-to-be or include other children and partners. It’s important to schedule your portrait session well before each of these recommended windows!

Below are some examples of what you can expect to capture at your In home Lifestyle Photo Session!

The Whole Family

Sibling Time

Babies First Model Poses

Bring in the Fur Babes


“I cannot wait to create beautiful photos filled with emotions that your kids will grow up to cherish.   
I am blessed to be part of the biggest moments in these families lives. I’ll stick by you and cheer you on during your accomplishments and be there as a judgment free friend when you are frustrated and feel defeated. I try to not be just a  photographer for my families I have photographed. I make THE best friendships and I grow to care for these kids like a distant aunt. I am SO excited to meet you and capture your family in a beautiful and emotional way.”

Sammi xoxo


Here at MAC Photography we have a small obsession with interior design, ok it’s not that small! We use our love for interior design in the MAC Photography studio and in your portraits! We organize and plan your portrait session based on the decor in your home- taking into account the colors of your walls, the tones of your hardwood floors, and the overall style and decorative pieces! From the props I bring as accessories too match your home, to the frames and types of photographs I recommend for you, your final art pieces will be created just for you! Below are samples of our signature art products!








I’m sure you have a million questions! I recommend filling out the contact form below so I can call you to chat about all the details. In the meantime I have listed some of my most frequently asked question below.

How far along in my pregnancy should I be for Maternity Portraits?

I always recommend women be between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy for their Maternity Portraits. This way you have a defined belly but not at the point you are uncomfortable on your feet yet. It is always recommended you schedule your session weeks before this window to leave us plenty of time to chat about your style. But if you are currently between 32 and 35 weeks and just getting around to thinking about Maternity Portrait don’t worry I can still accommodate you 🙂

How old does my baby need to be for Newborn Portraits?

The window for Newborn Portraits is VERY small as babies need to be two weeks of age or younger. Typically a baby’s first growth spurt will happen during their third week. They will become more alert as their need for food increases. The goal is to capture their portraits before their growth spurt while they are still in the sleepy stage. This is why I recommended you schedule your session well before the baby arrives to leave us plenty of time to chat about your style and plan for your session. If your baby has already arrived and your just getting around to thinking about Newborn Portrait don’t worry we can still accommodate you. Capturing your family’s beginning would be a true honor!

Do you supply props for Maternity & Newborn Portraits?

Absolutely!! Here at the studio I have a huge selection of props with everything from swaddles, to headbands and hats and more!

What's included in my session?

All sessions include a pre-session consultation (done over the phone) to discuss goals for your session and artwork, style, clothes and props to bring, etc.

Maternity Sessions include up to an hour of photographing. Newborn Sessions include up to 2 to 3 hours of photographing in both your home and outdoor space. And Family Sessions include up to 1 hour in your home or ourtdoor space or our studio space behind the studio location. Spouses and older children are absolutely welcome and involved in each portrait.

A preview and ordering session held approximately two weeks later at MAC Photography where I can help you narrow down your choices and place your order. (all orders must be placed at this time, I do not offer proofing websites)

A design consultation to talk about the best ways to display your custom art using interior design software that will allow you to see your portraits on your very own walls (done during a preview session).

How do I see all my portraits after my session?

Be prepared to be WOWED! Approximately two weeks after your portrait you will come back in to MAC Photography for your preview and ordering session. At this session you will not only be able to view your artwork as if you were in a movie theater but you will also be able to see your artwork on your very own walls. I will guide you through selecting artwork that will compliment your home and melt your heart for years to come!

*Please note all orders must be placed at this time, We do not offer proofing websites.

What type of artwork packages do you have?

I have very flexible packages building options that will allow you to pick and choose what works best for you. One option will allow you to keep all your memories plus a signature art product and the other will allow you to narrow to only your favorites. To find out full details lets chat!


The number one question I ALWAYS get! What the heck should we wear!?? Choose clothes you are comfortable and confident in because that reflects in your mood which reflects in your photos! I highly suggest simple earth tones to help compliment your photos with my warm neutral editing style. 

Start with some brown, tan, grey, or dark blue

Pair with a pop of color like burnt orange, dark dusty pink, or maroon.

Contrast within the family unit. One in dark tones one in lighter tones, one with a little mix of both.

Stay clear of patterns! This can be distracting to your portraits making them busy to the eye. If you have a pattern make sure it is simple and spaced out and only one or two articles of it within the group of people.

Accessorize! Sometimes adding a little bit of spice can up your confidence and it adds a little flair to the photos. (Hats, jewelry, ties). This goes for hair and makeup too!

You can totally dress casual if that is your style and what you are comfortable with but a beautiful way to compliment these suggestions above for your session would be to dress up. This creates a timeless and warm feeling to your session! 

Clothing for the fems can have a little flowy-ness to it. This helps create movement in the photos and gives you something extra to do with your hands! (This can be in a long sleeved shirt, dress, or long skirt). Clothing for the masculine I would suggest fancy simple tones. Tucked in lighter toned button down shirts and a dark comfy pant. This way we can still move comfortably but look fancy doing it.

Be sure to send me photos and messages for any questions or concerns you may have in preparation with your outfits!


“I cried, Omg. I’m sitting on my couch crying like a baby right now legit thank you so much. I am beyond in love with the family photos, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.We were beyond lucky to have you, you’re truly amazing at what you do and you were so sweet with our baby!”

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