What does it mean to be fearless? As women, we are held on a pretty high pedestal by those around us, but how often do we stop to think about the way we view ourselves? And how often do we compare ourselves to the many other women around us? Each of us is unique. Like the old Dr. Seuss saying “there’s no one more youer than you” (I’m a new mommy so I read a lot of these lately). Be proud of that!

So, it’s obvious you’ve at least thought about the idea of having Boudoir photos done, or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. How are Boudoir photographs more than just…well, Boudoir? Think about this for a minute. You and I will have spoken on the phone at least a couple of times to discuss the overall process; maybe we’ve set a date for your session, and maybe we’ve had a few laughs to lighten the mood! But you don’t know me, and I don’t know you…and being in lingerie in front of a stranger can be a little weird right! Hopefully, after all of that chatting we’ve come to an understanding of the “why.” What brought you here? More often than not, the reason is bigger and it takes a little digging to get there! It’s usually not just to give a gift for that special someone (although that’s a perk!), but to feel something. Confident. Powerful. Self-Loving. Fearless. That is Boudoir. It’s 2 hours of putting aside all the tasks you have, giving yourself permission to feel strong and beautiful in your skin and allowing your uniqueness to shine through in a very vulnerable manner. It’s quite rejuvenating, I promise you!

The next question I know you’re going to ask is, “Well, I don’t LOOK like most of the women I see in traditional Boudoir photos, so how will I do?” Here’s my answer, are you ready for this? Boudoir is not about sex. It’s not about being perfect. It’s not cut and paste, and every single one of my clients is catered to in a very unique way. It’s true, not all poses are flattering for EVERY BODY. And you know what? You guessed it…it’s okay! My job is to make you feel comfortable and provide you with beautiful images that express YOUR beauty in its entirety, through scenes and poses that flatter you physically, but that also align with your statement. Your “why.” 

About Amber

Four years ago I discovered how much I enjoyed photographing and I bought my first camera. Then enrolled in classes at C1M Photography in Amherst, NH.  It wasn’t until a year later that I found what my passion was – Boudoir! 

I had a client ask if I would be interested in photographing her before and after weight loss journey in a tasteful presentation to share with her friends and family.  When she saw her images, she thanked me for “making her feel beautiful.”  I nearly cried, and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to make all women feel beautiful, sexy and confident in their own skin through a fun, relaxing experience with tasteful albums you and your loved one can cherish forever!

Amber xoxo

Be Powerful.  Be Fearless.  Be Boudoir.

Thinking about having Boudoir portraits done? Check out this video that talks about what Boudoir means to me. The hair, the makeup, the lingerie are side effects of the bigger picture and what it means to be fearless. It’s about engaging with every single woman in a unique way that makes them feel empowered, strong and confident.


Fitness – Take care of yourself, & the rest will take care of itself!  

Woods – Reflection &
solitude provide
of purpose.

There is no greater love than that of a mother.  My daughter has truly been the greatest gift to me.


I had my boudoir shoot with Amber this past summer and it was incredible! Amber was so helpful and understanding throughout the booking process. She was emailing with me beforehand answering any questions I had leading up to the shoot. During the shoot Amber was very professional. I loved how Amber encouraged me to bring out my personality with my outfit choices and locations for the photos. I felt completely myself and comfortable throughout the entire shoot! It was so much fun! 
After the shoot when I came back for my viewing appointment I was amazed with the results! Amber drafted up the book of my choice and we went through all the photos together, so I could make it exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend doing your boudoir shoot with Amber. She is very talented, the shoot is affordable, and it was completely worth it! 

How will I know what poses to do?

You won’t have to worry about coming up with poses or posing yourself in anyway, I take care of all of that for you!  I do ask that each client send some example images, either from our website or elsewhere, that showcases the general desired style.  That will allow me to put together some ideas prior to you arriving.  But during the session, I will talk you through each pose.

What should I bring to wear?

I say the more the merrier!  Generally speaking, if you are questioning packing something, bring it along.  When you arrive, we spend the first 10 minutes or so going over all of your attire choices, and I help you narrow down to about 3 that will give you a very nice array of your style.  Still unsure on how to choose?  I recommend something black and lacey; you really can’t go wrong with that.  If you are a bride to be, definitely bring something white, and preferably something you might wear on your wedding day.

How long does the session take?

If you are having hair and makeup done at the studio as well, I would plan for about 3 hours total.  This gives us enough time for hair and makeup, as well as to go through all of your attire and come up with a good game plan for the photographing portion.  If you are arriving with your hair and makeup already done, I would plan for an hour and half.

Do you edit the images afterwards to cover blemishes, scars, etc.?

Generally speaking, I do edit and enhance each and every image for the absolute best quality; however, I have had clients specifically ask to make sure that certain scars are left untouched, and that is certainly okay with me. 

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