“Posing for professional photos just days after going through the trauma of labor and delivery!? After months of gaining more weight than I already wanted to and now a whole week’s worth of no sleep?” 
If that’s your reaction to imaging yourself posing for photos with your precious newborn, given the fact that it is just days after you’ve undergone the life- (and body) changing experience of labor and delivery,  you’re far from alone. I get this all the time from my expecting Mamas. And I totally get it! With my first pregnancy, my hormones were so crazy that I was breaking out like a 12-year-old preteen! It was ridiculous! But I didn’t let that stop me from making sure my very beginning was documented forever—and you shouldn’t either! Still not convinced that post-birth family portraits are beyond worth it in the end? Here are some reasons why they’re the most important part of your newborn session and what I’ll do to ensure you look your best, even when you might not feel your best!

A new chapter or beginning only happens a handful of times in your life: your wedding, your first home, your pregnancy, your children, etc.—these are all milestones worth documenting! As the years go on they will tell your journey. And the one that leads you into parenthood will be the single most important journey of your life. It will trump everything else, so don’t let your insecurities about your body right after you just gave birth hold you back from documenting your very first family portrait! It’s a momentous event, one that not everyone gets to experience. Celebrate and embrace it! Your children will want to show their children someday and it will be something they treasure for generations. 

You’re in good hands…

I want you to be completely confident that I will help you look and feel your very best! I have been a full-time photographer for 13 1/2 years now and have perfected my enhancement techniques and posing abilities to a point that, when combined together, you will feel beautiful and all you will see when you look at your family portrait is pure love—because that’s what’s showing behind the lens anyway!

What to wear to look and feel your best…

Wearing solid, soft tones, like whites and light grays, will not only create a timeless look in your newborn photos but will blur well in Photoshop to hide belly areas. Other more advanced Photoshop enhancements I will use will help reduce the look of tired eyes, remove acne, soften skin, and even nip and tuck a bit! I will leave you looking your best in the portraits. Even the position I have you hold your baby will help reduce the look of any weight gained in your arms. I am basically a plastic surgeon, physical trainer, and dentist all wrapped up in one! Ha! 

While all of these tricks of the trade certainly help, the most important tip I can give you to help capture the best family portrait possible is to simply be in the moment! Enjoy the snuggle and closeness you have with your baby during that period of time and let your love be seen through your smile and eyes.

If you’re interested in learning more about newborn photography or would like to reserve your own session be sure to fill out the contact form below and I will reach out to chat! No question is a silly question!