Now that you’ve started your search for the perfect newborn photographer to capture your bundle of joy once he or she has made their entrance into the world, you’re probably coming across a great deal of questions. It’s a big decision, there’s no doubt about it. This person will handle your infant in his or her first few days of life and capture the sweet moments you can’t get back. To help you navigate the process, I’m sure you’re scouring through dozens of websites to find a photographer who has the right style you like, budget you can afford, and studio that is close by. While all of these deserve some thought, don’t forget to factor in the most important consideration of all: newborn safety.

Safety is the single most important piece to consider when hiring a newborn photographer. During their very first portraits, most babies are only 5 to 10 days old, so they are not only incredibly fragile, but they have sensitive skin and aren’t great at regulating their own temperature. An experienced newborn photographer will not only have extensive training on the proper handling of an infant for posing, but will also know how to create an environment that is conducive to the very-specific needs of a newborn. Maintaining a warm temperature that is consistent is key for both safety and comfort. It also helps babies stay sleepy and and malleable, which allows them to be posed in all sorts of adorable positions for their newborn photos. Still, many of the sweet poses you see of newborns on Pinterest are accomplished with the additional help of Photoshop and are truly just an illusion. Therefore, asking a friend who has a good camera to pose your baby and take some photographs is never a good idea. 

After photographing hundreds of babies, I’ve learned exactly what is required to accomplish these poses- and trust me, they are all dependent on the baby! For example, some babies are very sensitive to their hands being touched, while others with gas issue don’t like being on their belly- but you don’t really discover their sensitivities until you are already in the midst of photographing them. An experienced photographer will start with a plan, but will quickly be able to adjust or completely change poses if the baby is uncomfortable in any way. 

Many times, some helpful hands are required for safety purposes when positioning the baby a certain way or with a certain prop. Getting the perfect shot is never worth risking the safety of a newborn. Certain poses require specific safety factors that ensure the baby doesn’t topple over or that circulation isn’t cut off. Just because a baby looks asleep, doesn’t mean they won’t move—between the startle reflex and active dreams you can never be too safe. Even simple things like making sure the camera strap is securely around my neck when photographing directly above a newborn are things an inexperienced photographer or friend may not think of. For this reason newborn photography should never be DIY. When calling around to reserve a baby photographer, be sure to ask about their safety know-how. 

Here at MAC Photography, photographing your newborn is an honor I don’t take lightly! I spend the time to listening to your newborn cues, look for signs of hunger like rooting, as well as signs of uncomfort like gas, and will help shhh them to sleep while gently and safely placing them in poses that will create portraits you will cherish forever. 

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